Embed your virtual tour on your website

Here is an example of how you can embed your Google Street View | Trusted 360-degree Virtual Tour on your website.  It's really quite easy, just follow these steps.

1.  In a seperate browser window go to Google Maps and locate the virtual tour that you want to embed. In the tour, navigate to the starting position you want your tour to have when it appears on your website. Now click on the "more info" icon near the top left. (PLEASE NOTE: In some instances of Google Maps you may need to click the gear icon       in the bottom right corner)

2.  When the new window opens click "Share" 


4.  To get the iframe embed code, click "Embed Image" at the top of the dialogue box then, from the drop down menu, choose small, medium or large size embed, or, select "custom" to configure a custom size for your tour embed.  Copy and paste the resulting code.  See below for "Custom"

3.  If you want to simply SHARE a link to the tour click "Short URL" then copy and paste the resulting URL Link.

5.  If you chose "custom" size for your tour, simply fill in the width and height dimensions that you would like for your tour then copy and paste the resulting code.  - THAT'S IT !!